• Rafael Romo

    Rafael Romo


    Rafael Romo is in charge of the "Mirador Mundial" newscast, broadcast on weekends at 6pm and 10pm ET from Atlanta. He is also in charge of following the main news from throughout Latin America for CNN's global audience through its multiple platforms. Born in Mexico, Romo has been an Emmy Award winner. He is a bilingual journalist with 26 years of experience as anchor, correspondent, and director of news coverage and professor of journalism.


    In 2015, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (US) awarded Romo a national journalism award in the category of late-breaking television news for its coverage of violent disturbances in the state of Guerrero, Mexico after they disappeared 43 university students. Romo joining CNN en Español in 2009. He has interviewed leaders like Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox, and has covered natural disasters such as Hurricane Mitch in Central America.


    In 2010, Romo was inducted into the Hall of Fame alumni of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Social Communication at Arizona State University. He began his career in journalism in 1990 as a reporter for Radio 1480 AM KPHX in Phoenix, Arizona. Romo holds a bachelor's degree in broadcasting from Arizona State University.