• María Alejandra Requena

    María Alejandra Requena


    María Alejandra Requena is one of the CNN en Español’s presenters in the morning show Café CNN along with Alejandra Oraa and Carlos Montero. Requena joined CNN in 2012. Most recently, Requena was a contributor to the network's noon news, Realidades en Contexto, and served as an alternate host for the news.

    Requena began his career in television in Venezuela, where he participated in several international programs such as "The best beaches in Latin America", broadcast by Sony Entertainment Television.

    Requena has been recognized for her performance as a communicator throughout her career. She won a Daytime Emmy 2015-2016 Emmy of the which granted Café CNN the recognition as "Best Spanish-language television program in the United States." Requena also received the “Premio Carteles” for her outstanding work defending freedom of expression, el premio “Los mejores del año” and the Golden Award for being the Presenter of the Year.