• Kenny Curtis

    Kenny Curtis


    Here is a funny thing about Kenny Curtis. He was the last person to see what everyone around him knew all along: He was born to do children's broadcasting. In college, when he was looking for sane, respectable work, his roommate sent him to audition for the clown/co-host role on a children's TV show. "You'll be perfect for this," he said, and Kenny got the job. As an undergraduate with serious acting aspirations, Kenny landed a role in a movie for adults called Cry-Baby. Coincidence? We don't think so. As he pursued his career in children's programming in both radio and television, Kenny discovered that not growing up could be a valuable asset on the job. It may explain why today, as a father of five, he still has an uncanny knack for finding the way to children's hearts and minds. Hear his vision of kids' radio come alive on Kids Place Live.