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    My first time on the radio was in 1988 when I won a "DJ For a Day" contest at Boston's WZLX. I opened with Traffic's "Empty Pages." It was a nervous moment; but a great one for me! Never forget it.

    If you've listened over the years, you've no doubt heard a reference or two million to Bugs Bunny. He is my absolute favorite! That smarmy New York accent and all that edgy sarcasm just the best! Daffy Duck, BB's nemesis, is my second fave.

    What I love the most about being on the radio is telling listeners some great stories about the artists we play and their songs. On social media, I often keep that connection going beyond the music. [My followers and I] discuss kids, work, politics (sometimes), relationships, food, and even wine! I always say, "we're all humans getting through life -- let's have a little fun!"

    I've also interviewed some amazing bands over the years: Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, Florence + the Machine, and Snow Patrol. [Meeting] Florence gave me butterflies. She's so ethereal and mysterious. I had to pick up my jaw off the floor when she sang.

    When I'm not DJing for The Spectrum, I'm enjoying a slice of New Haven pizza at Salle's or Pepe's and/or watching Dexter and Breaking Bad.