• Jack Forman

    Jack Forman


    Jack Forman is a member of Seattle’s Recess Monkey, the band of longtime elementary teachers who have self-released eight LPs for kids and families. The band has earned national acclaim for pitch-perfect understanding of childhood, and their seamless appeal to every member of the family. He’s been a regular contributor to SiriusXM’s Kids Place Live for four years, most recently producing a series of music education specials called Recess Monkey’s TUNEiversity. Though no longer in the classroom, Jack continues to work tirelessly in the field of education. He has served on non-profit boards, has spoken on several music and education panels about music’s impact on kids, and is a champion of the kind of high quality “kindie” music being made right this minute across the country. He and his wife have a toddler, two chickens and a cat, though only one has his own room.