• Pat St. John

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    Weekdays 6 pm - midnight ET


    When Pat's on Bluesville it's compelling radio as Pat tells many of the stories behind the songs and artists. "There's no station in the world that spans as many years and styles of this music than what we're putting out.” From the vintage, to the Blues standards, to what these new bands are creating. Pat hand-crafts each show, and can't wait to share it all with you. It's an experience to be treasured together.

    Nothing beats a good rockin' Blues tune, or a good shuffle beat, or a slow blues masterfully played with feeling. All Blues is about feeling and it’s all woven together on each Pat St.John show each weekday in Bluesville. There's no other important music on the planet, as each song tells its own story. There's magic in this thing called “the blues” that will make you feel better know matter what you're feeling. It's powerful, it's entertaining, and it's sound that's varied, yet made unique by the players. "I'm knocked out by the what the original inventors were able to accomplish, and I'm still learning from what these talented new artists are coming up with.” Please join me as this music is made better when shared by friends. There's nothing like The Blues!